<i>Open Burning</i><i>&</i><i>Fire Restrictions</i>
<i>Open Burning</i><i>&</i><i>Fire Restrictions</i>
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Open Burning&Fire Restrictions

Current Fire Restrictions

As of July 10, 2023

La Plata County - None
San Juan National Forest - None
Southern Ute Tribal Lands - Stage 1
Fire Restrictions Rescinded In La Plata County, Effective July 6, 2022

Durango, CO –La Plata County Sheriff Sean Smith lifted Stage I Fire Restrictions effective July 6, 2022 in the unincorporated areas of La Plata County and upon all lands owned by La Plata County excluding those private lands in the Towns of Bayfield and Ignacio, the City of Durango, or any Federal or Tribal lands. Recent rains over much of the county have decreased the fire risk, although residents are asked to still exercise caution when dealing with fire or sparks. The La Plata County Sheriff and fire response agencies will continue to monitor the situation and if the conditions dry out later this summer or fall, fire restrictions may be enacted again.

Although there are currently no fire restrictions in place for La Plata County, most residents must obtain a permit from their local fire department when they plan to burn (with three exceptions, see below). Permits can be obtained from the below fire departments:

Durango Fire Protection District (for properties in the Animas valley corridor from the north county line to New Mexico), visit https://durangofire.org/ to fill out an online permit, or call 382-6000.
Upper Pine Fire Protection District (for properties east of Bayfield north to Vallecito), visit https://www.upperpinefpd.org/community/burn-permits/ to fill out an online permit, or call 884-9508;
Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District (for properties in west La Plata County surrounding Hesperus to the Colorado/New Mexico state line on Highway 140), call 238-0115; or
Los Pinos Fire Protection District (for properties in the southeast corner of La Plata County and surrounding Ignacio), does not require permits, but residents must call 563-4401 prior to any burn.
Some areas in La Plata County are not within a fire district. Those residents should notify Dispatch (385-2900 or 563-4401 for residents near Ignacio) prior to any burn.
Immediately prior to any burn, residents should call Dispatch at 385-2900 (or 563-4401 for residents near Ignacio) so dispatchers will be able to relay information about the burn being conducted. Burn permits are not required for agricultural burns on land designated as agricultural by the Assessor’s Office. There is also no permit required for recreation fires which are defined as “an outdoor fire burning materials other than rubbish where the fuel being burned is not contained in an incinerator, outdoor fireplace, barbeque grill or barbeque pit and has a total fuel area of 3 feet or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes." A 25-foot setback from structures is required for recreational fires.
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Southern Ute Tribal Land - Stage 1

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San Juan National Forest - Stage 1

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Open Burning Procedures

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The Los Pinos Fire District recognizes the importance and value of open burning.

Residents must communicate open burning, maintain control of any open burn, and assure that they do not allow any harm to their property, their neighbors, or the community.

Burning will not be allowed during fire restrictions, or a Red Flag Watch or Warning has been issued. A “RED FLAG DAY” is one where there is a high potential for rapid fire growth due to high temperatures, high winds, and low humidity.


Open Burning: Any fire management that involves the combustion of one or more materials on an open premises, public street, alley, or other land adjacent to such premises. They are categorized as,

Agricultural Burning: Burning of cover vegetation for the purpose of preparing the soil for crop production, weed control, or maintenance of water conveyance structures related to agricultural operations and other agricultural cultivation purposes.

Open Fire: An outdoor fire, including, but not limited to, vegetation management burning (slash piles), campfires, warming fires, cooking fires, religious fires, and trash fires.


The Los Pinos Fire District does not issue permits or charge a fee for open burning. If a resident of the District plans on conducting an open burn, within the district boundaries, they must notify the appropriate dispatch center(s) below.

La Plata County residents: Southern Ute Dispatch (970) 563-4401.

Archuleta County residents: Archuleta County Communication Center (970) 731-2160 AND Southern Ute Dispatch (970) 563-4401
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